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A black owned and operated business created by Owner and CEO Candace Stewart.

Paying for Groceries
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The Mero3 Exchange is primarily a retailer with the main purpose to give the community access to new and upcoming entrepreneurs and then to consumers. I was inspired to start this company when confronted with the harsh fact that minority groups are more inclined to work for a larger business or corporation than a small business in their own neighborhood. With this fact I know that most of those businesses and corporations do not cater to the needs for the minority. By providing this service and product it will increase overall income of the community, help to improve poverty and generate more entrepreneurship among youth and young adults. My company is unique in the fact that there are not a lot of places that new and upcoming entrepreneurs and artist can put their work in and actually make profit off their work.

Fashion Store Manager
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Through The Mero3 Exchange's vast products, services, and opportunities we hope to empower, inspire, educate, and create a platform to generate various streams of revenue for youth and young adults. We will serve as the middle man of entrepreneurs, fashion designers, artists, etc to their consumer base while exposing them to a much larger market. The company objective is to help with the unemployment, and poverty rate and revitalizing the community with the people within the community. The Vision of The Mero3 Exchange is to see its community self sufficient creating and generating its own income.

Successful Restaurant Owner
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